Code of Ethics

Gino Behavioral Health is committed to providing quality services rendered by quality staff while abiding by the following principles:

  1. Competence - Maintain a qualified staff that meets education, training, and experience requirements; stay current with developments in the individuals' practice area; and continue ongoing professional education. 

  2. Integrity - Promote honesty, fairness, and respect among staff members, individuals, and the public. 

  3. Professional Responsibility - Promote professional standards of conduct, including personal conduct to the extent it affects the professional activities of a staff member or the reputation of the organization. 

  4. Respect for the Rights, Dignity, and Welfare of Others - Respect the privacy and autonomy of individuals; eliminate or prevent bias or discriminatory practices. 

  5. Social Responsibility - Comply with the law and encourage the development of social policies that best serve the interest of individuals and the public. 

  6. Legal Responsibility - Comply with all applicable regulations, statutes, and standards imposed by Grantor or Funder requirements. 

  7. Scope of Practice - Promote quality care by accepting referrals only within individual scope of competence and making referrals based on individual need; Gino Behavioral Health will not abandon individuals and will make appropriate referrals of individuals whose needs cannot be reasonably met. 

1188 Bishop Street

Suite 2905

Honolulu, HI 96813


Tel: 808-450-3010

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Monday: 9am-5:30pm

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Friday: by appointment only


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